About Us

We are a couple that have been happy timeshare owners since 1984.   Timeshares have allowed us to “live the life”.

We bought our first timeshare, knowing absolutely nothing about them.  We were offered the opportunity to get a “free” vacation just to come down and sit through a timeshare presentation. We were young, newly married, with not much money. We really had no clue what we were getting into. I only knew that I had many fond memories of time spent on the Outer Banks with my grandparents when I was younger. This seemed like the way to own a little piece of the area and share it as a couple, and ultimately as a family.

Today, it’s a whole different world. However, the same reasons that initially drew us into the world of timeshares still exists for us today, some 30 years later. We held on to that first timeshare for 25 years. Even though it was “blue” week, it afforded us many great stays at our home resort, as well as vacations across the U.S. and Caribbean. Our family enjoys travel to new and familiar places, staying in fully-equipped accommodations versus small cramped hotel rooms.

We offer the opportunity to those that are interested to gain more knowledge about timeshare ownership. It has definitely evolved since the beginning through our experiences, the introduction of the internet, and participation on timeshare forums like Timeshare Users Group (TUG).

Additionally, we have resale inventory and vacation rentals available in the two areas that we are most familiar with, Virginia Beach and the Northern and Southern Outer Banks. We also assist other owners with the rental of their timeshares. We have access to other inventory not listed on our website.

If you’re considering timeshare ownership or just looking for fully equipped accommodations for your next vacation, please visit our website or contact us to determine if timeshares are right for you.

Living The Life…A Lifetime of Vacations