Beachwoods Resort Is Ready For Your Arrival

Beachwoods Resort amenities are complete and open for owner and guest enjoyment!

Many of you have contacted me over the Winter looking for updates on Beachwoods Resort and its indoor water park, The Splash Zone.  I am happy to report that all Beachwoods amenities are completed and open for use. Except for the outdoor pool area, which is seasonal; I had the opportunity to use all the other onsite amenities.

If you’ve read some of my past blog posts, you probably know that Steve and I have enjoyed attending the scheduled events for OBX Taste of the Beach.  It is held each March around St. Patty’s Day.  It’s a great time to visit the Outer Banks.  Early Spring can offer days suitable for beach time and outdoor activities.  There is little traffic and there are wide open spaces on the beaches.

This year, I was able to secure a four bedroom unit at Beachwoods through an RCI exchange.  This four bedroom exchange only cost one additional point over a one bedroom unit.  We didn’t need the space, but I had to go for it.

We were assigned Unit 3202 in Mud Turtle Circle, the furthest buildings from the amenities and front entrance.  These buildings (3000-3200) were the last to be built by the original developers.  This location made for a quick trip out the back gate to the beach.

Unit 3202 is on the top floor of the 3200 building.  A three bedroom unit is located on the first floor.  Both units in the building have the same configuration, except the top floor unit has a fourth bedroom, which is a loft area up a stairway with two twin beds.

The unit is large and all upgrades and renovations have been completed.  This is my first stay in a unit at Beachwoods that has been thoroughly renovated and furnished since the resort upgrades began in November 2014.

This March week on the deck this morning was as beautiful as it was last night.  Believe it or not; in the quiet of last evening and this morning, I could hear the crashing of the ocean in the distance.  The sounds emanating from the surrounding forest, ponds and swamp is beautiful to hear.  Different song birds intertwining with the music offered by a chorus of frogs and water fowl is delightful to the ears in the quiet.

I’m sorry you missed being here this morning on the deck of my cottage in the woods.  I know that this time of year plays a part in the quiet all around.  The surrounding maritime forest is a peaceful setting, in which to start the day and end the evening.

While I do enjoy a great Summer beach week, I find the off and shoulder seasons to be equally enjoyable. Unlike many years past on the Outer Banks, the area has extended the season for enjoying many activities, restaurants and shopping throughout the towns of North Carolina’s barrier islands.

The new Beachwoods Resort provides a four-season opportunity for enjoying the Outer Banks any time of year.


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