The Shoulder Season: Finding Enjoyment and Discounts

The fact is not everyone can or wants to travel to destinations during the shoulder season.    Many families are tied to the school calendar, which can limit the ability to visit popular destinations during the weeks leading up to and following high season.  Other folks have limited opportunities for travel during the year and want the best chance at optimal weather for the area or just enjoy being in the thick of things during prime season.

However, during the shoulder season, the weather can still be optimal and the greatness of the area can more easily be explored with less traffic and fewer vistors.  Opportunities for discounted lodging and activities, and specials at restaurants with no waiting for a table, can be a real payoff.  In order to draw in locals and visitors to these vacation areas during the shoulder season, many destination hot spots have created events and festivities that highlight the area.

Lodging can be deeply discounted in the weeks leading up to the prime Summer weeks at the beach or the weeks following Labor Day.  Financially, a stay at the beach in July may not be in the budget; however, the appealing rates of Spring and Fall may afford the traveler an opportunity to take a vacation that might not otherwise be possible.

For the traveler that wishes to stay in an otherwise “off-limits” property due to the high nightly rates, more economical pricing during a shoulder season week may make that resort getaway a reality instead of a budget buster.

Our family does travel to vacation destinations during prime season.  When our sons were in school, we found we were traveling when “everyone” else was traveling.  We really didn’t have any other choice.  Now that no school-aged children are involved in our travels, we have more flexibility for when we can travel.   We can take advantage of those discounts, upgraded units and views, and seeing and participating in seasonal festivities during our shoulder season getaways and vacations.

Our next planned shoulder season getaway will be to the Outer Banks in March.   This will be our fourth year visiting in March in order to participate in the events at the annual OBX Taste of the Beach, a four-day culinary and libation event.  “This fun food festival event features wine tastings, cooking classes, special multi-course menu presentations, brewery tours, tapas crawls, cook-offs, showdowns and even progressive dinners.”

Not only do we enjoy this fun event, we also enjoy visiting the Outer Banks during a slower season and quieter time.   The Outer Banks has become more of a four season destination over the years.  Many businesses and restaurants used to close during the off-season and re-open in the late Spring.  Now, there is no lack of opportunities for things to see and do, with open restaurants to visit and1 enjoy a great meal during any season of the year.

We found a great rate on our accommodations for our March stay on the Outer Banks.  Though we don’t need the space, we found a rate that we couldn’t say “no” to when we booked one of the four bedroom units at the new Beachwoods Resort in Kitty Hawk.

If you have the flexibility to travel during shoulder season weeks, give a favorite destination a visit during a different time of the year and take advantage of discounts and new experiences.

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