Time Spent Together Is Priceless

The following post reflects the sentiments of our family.  Timeshare ownership has afforded our family 30+ years of vacations.  Time spent together is indeed priceless.

Post by missycrews, TUG Member (December 29, 2015)

Looking back at 2015…Grateful for TS’s!

As is my habit at the close of a year, I take a look back to see what things went well, and what I hope to change for the new year. I usually involve the kids in this, too. The things that stood out to them? Things they want to repeat/not change? Our timeshare vacations! We own four weeks of timeshare, and we managed to be in a timeshare for 6 separate weeks in 2015! (Plus a long weekend at Memorial Day, and a couple of weekends spent with my parents at their exchanges.) I could not have done this without our timeshares.

We had an extra vacation week at Trade Winds Inn in Rockland for Feb break, a week at the Samoset for April break, Memorial Day weekend picked up as a last call at Bethel Inn, our home week at Cold Spring over the 4th, a week at Shawnee in late July, a week at Timber Creek in MO to visit family in August, and now a week here at Cold Spring once again.

We’re hoping for 6 weeks in 2016, too. We don’t go anywhere fancy (we’re not a Disney kind of family) but the time spent together is priceless. We love having room to spread out, enjoy meeting other families, have fun finding things to do that are off the beaten path. Yes, the maintenance fee for those four weeks is sometimes hard to pay.  But I do it every year, and then look forward to creating memories together with my family! Here’s to a great 2016 for all of you here on TUG, and here’s to many more wonderful vacations!

My Vacation Home Alternative

When I was younger, I dreamed of being able to own a cottage on the Outer Banks.  I am sure that I am not different from many.  You visit an area and get so enthralled with its aura that you fantasize of either living there full-time or having a vacation home to visit.   It happens a lot when I travel.  You imagine the possibilities and consider what it would take to make it happen.  It’s a pretty safe bet that if you’re having these thoughts, you’re enjoying a great vacation.

I have known people from my area that have been able to follow their dreams and make the transition to full-time living on the Outer Banks or have been able to purchase or build a cottage there for a vacation home.  I, at times, envied those that were able to do that.  However, I no longer have those pangs of wishful thoughts of owning a vacation home at the beach.

I am fortunate enough to be within fairly short drives to some wonderful beaches in Virginia and North Carolina.  I can easily make day trips or get away for a weekend or week-long stays.  I never tire of going to the beach.  It’s convenient and enjoyable for me, as an aside to our travels to other destinations each year.

Since I still work full-time for an employer, in addition to my timeshare activities, my travel time is limited to a specific amount of days each year.  Timeshare ownership has afforded me the opportunity to have an alternative to a vacation home.  Though I cannot personalize the unit to any specific degree like I would be able to do with a vacation home, I do become familiar with the unit, the staff, the property and surrounding area and activities.  I am welcomed with familiarity when I arrive.  Everything is set for my arrival and to enjoy my stay, whether for a weekend or a few weeks.  I have amenities at my disposal and enjoy ocean views from my unit.  When my stay is completed, I simply pack up and leave.  There are no worries about clean-up, maintenance, or security.

I also don’t have the year-round expenses of a vacation home.  I am not concerned about individual utility bills, interior and exterior maintenance issues, amenity upkeep, housekeeping, or a property setting empty for extended periods of time.   For us, the timeshare alternative to a vacation home is quite suitable.   I no longer envy those that have vacation homes.  I now know that it wouldn’t work for me.

I am happy to live in the area where I was born and raised, and have made a home for 50 plus years.  It is close to the coast, as well as the mountains.  We have four mild seasons.  I can’t really imagine living anywhere else.

I also don’t want what I now perceive to be a burden of ownership.  We have found over the years that home ownership requires a lot of time and money.  Responsibility for a second property would definitely not fit into our lifestyles and would take away from our already limited leisure time.

If you’re looking for your little piece of deeded timeshare ownership in a favorite area, please contact us.  We have many prime summer beach weeks available in coastal Virginia and North Carolina, as well as other areas.

Whatever you do, plan and take a vacation in 2016!