Virginia Beach Oceanfront Festivals and Events

The season has begun at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront!  I’m heading down tomorrow for the Atlantic Coast Kite Festival being held between 16th and 18th Streets.

The Virginia Beach Oceanfront Festivals and Events are scheduled and I’m ready to enjoy many of these.    Fun, sun, sand and ocean!  We have weekly accommodations that coincide with many of these Virginia Beach Oceanfront Festivals and Events.

If you’re coming to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront be sure to check out what’s going on during your stay.  If we can assist with your accommodations, please contact us.  We have many seven-night rentals available at several of the timeshare resorts.  Why stay in a cramped hotel room for the week?  We have pricing on fully-equipped timeshare condos that is less than the best prices you will find at any of the hotels.  Resort amenities abound at these resorts.

Check out our rental inventory in Virginia Beach and in many other great areas.  All pricing includes lodging fees and taxes.

If you have any questions about the Virginia Beach Oceanfront Festivals and Events or our resort accommodations, please call or email and we would be happy to hear from you and assist with your vacation planning.


Ocean Sands Balconies Update

Today, on Facebook, VSA Resorts posted the newest pictures of the Ocean Sands Balconies update.  This project has been taking place during the Winter months.  The balcony furniture has arrived and Phase II of the project is expected to be completed by May 8.

As an Ocean Sands timeshare owner, this endeavor has vastly improved this oceanfront resort.  For many years, walking along the Boardwalk, I always wondered about this resort.  Not only was the resort unattractive to look at on the ocean facing side, but there were no balconies!  I don’t know the history of this resort and why a resort hotel would be built on the oceanfront with no balconies.  One of the great things about having an oceanfront accommodation is the ability to sit out on the balcony and take in the beauty of the ocean and watch all the activity taking place on the beach and Boardwalk.

Last year, owners were notified that it had been decided to add balconies to this oceanfront property.  The owners were levied a special assessment of over $1200 for each week of ownership.  This was in addition to the annual maintenance fee.   There was little prior notice and I’m sure that it most likely placed a financial hardship on many owners.  As an owner of four weeks at the resort, it was a good chunk of cash that had to be pulled together fairly quickly. However, I have supported the decision by VSA Resorts to take this step in improving this prime oceanfront property.

I have watched the changes taking place at Ocean Sands over the Winter and this Spring as construction moves forward.  I last visited the oceanfront in January and plan to visit this weekend for the Atlantic Coast Kite Festival being held between 16th and 18th Streets.

I appreciate the various updates on the progress being made that have been posted on Facebook.  Initially, the work was supposed to be completed by April.  My first week of usage is the Memorial Day Holiday Week and I have been anxious as to whether or not things would be completed.  It looks like things will be done by then and that it is very exciting.

If looking for a great oceanfront location on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, you can’t go wrong with Ocean Sands Resort.  It’s located midway on the Boardwalk near great entertainment, shopping and restaurants.  And now, it has great new balconies to sit on and enjoy all that the Virginia Beach oceanfront has to offer visually!